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Top Features

  • Just Create - save - load Playlist to Play your Media files
  • Play any format  video like ( avi  ,mov ,mpg , mp1 , mpeg2, mkv, mpeg4, dat, vob,
  • Play multiple size videos like HD, SD, 320x278,640x480,720x576,1024x568 and above
  • Trim Video Clip by Start mark & End mark to set for  playback in playlist
  • Record Live video input , Record Playout  with text and graphics
  • Guaranteed 100 % Seamless playback no black gap when file changes
  • Gapless switching between files multi-format multi-size video Hi-Quality Playout
  • Set categories for each video file like Song ,Movie, Advertisement ,serial etc ..
  • display Categorized video files by color code in playlist
  • Playout Preview with Text & graphics with audio VU Meter levels display
  • Complete video info  like video clip size , clip played , clip left , clip total duration
  • Create Playlist of various format videos of any size and load  play list and just play it to on-air
  • Add - remove videos in running playlist by auto play time calculation
  • Cut -Copy -paste videos  from play list instantly , Move up  Move down Videos in Playlist
  • You have 5 Switchable  Layers  of compositions  (Unlimited Text & graphic Items )  to  video files
  • An optional single composition  (Unlimited Text & graphic )  can attached to fixed video file
  • Playout  to any output source like Composite, Component,HDMI , SDI Using Decklink Cards
  • Schedule Playlists to play at fixed  time and Date in advance
  •  Add video to running playlist immediately and just  play  instantly
  • Auto (on off ) of composition  (Unlimited Text & graphic ) on a video type like no graphic on commercials video files or only channel  logo  to display over commercials
  • Instant Switching  ON – OFF  text & graphics (Unlimited) overlay over Playout
  • Live video input using decklink cards & and Jerk less Switch live to on air

System Requirements
1. Core i5 or i7 Second - Third Generarion Processor
2. Gigabyte Mother Board (GA-Z77X-D3H , GA-H77-DS3H , GA-H77-D3H-MVP , GA-H77-D3H , GA-Z77X-UP4 TH ,GA-Z77P-D3 , Many More )
3. Windows 7 , 64 Bit installed , Ram 4- 16 GB
4. Hard Disk minimum 500 GB , NTFS partitions , Volume C: Must Have 100 GB
5. For Better Performance You can use SSD for Windows Partition
6. Install Graphic card for smooth graphics Display
7. Black Magic Desing cards for Video out ( Intensiti Pro , Decklink SDI , Decklink Studio)
8. Use 400 - 500 - 600 Watt branded power supply